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If you use a heat pump to keep your home comfortable during the winter months, there will likely come a time when you will need heating service in Philadelphia to provide routine maintenance or fix an issue with your system. Here are some of the most common problems you may experience, and how a professional heating service can help.

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Moisture in the air can cause frost and ice to form on the outside coils of your heat pump. The equipment should have a built-in defrost cycle so that any accumulated frost is melted off. If the frost doesn’t go away or seems to get thicker, you should call a professional for heating service in Pennsylvania to ensure the defrost cycle is working properly.

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The defrost mode built into the equipment is designed to heat the outdoor coils. During this cycle, it is very normal to see what looks like smoke coming out of the unit. This is actually steam, and it is expected as the heated coils melt the icy or frosty coils.

If the system just will not turn on, there is probably an electrical issue. There are two things you can check before calling professional heating contractors:

  1. Check all the circuit breakers. Even if the breakers don’t look tripped, reset them by turning them completely off and then back on again.
  2. Check that all power switches are on. Some types of heating equipment have multiple cut-off switches, either on the equipment or in a separate area.

If after checking the circuit breakers and power switches the equipment still does not operate, call a heating repair service to diagnose the problem.

The normal humming and buzzing noises of equipment running is fine, but you want to pay special attention if you hear any kind of scraping, clanging, banging, or loud vibrations. If you hear any of these types of noises coming from your indoor or outdoor equipment, turn it off immediately and call a professional. You could have a cracked part inside the equipment, and letting it continue to operate may do more damage.

When it’s really cold outside, your system may need to use back-up heat to maintain a comfortable temperature or may need a heating service. When this auxiliary process is being used, a blue or green light will display. If the temperature is below 35 to 40° F, you may see the light turn off and on regularly. If you think it is on more than it should be, or it is on during milder weather, then you may need to contact a professional service.

Heating systems are divided into two distinct types, each with different maintenance needs from the heating contractors. The first are central systems, like natural gas powered ventilation systems that run off a central heater. This heater is usually located in an out-of-sight location like a basement or a closet. This type of equipment uses an internal combustion system to generate hot air that is pumped through ventilation ducts throughout the home.

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kenmore furnace repairAlthough it can be a bit more expensive, fixing issues with these heaters is generally quicker and easier than many others. However, if there is a gas leak in the system, your home could be in danger of high energy bills, or worse, a gas fire. It’s essential to make sure these systems are fixed as soon as possible, especially if you smell gas. There are electric versions of these central systems, and the same rules apply. If there is a malfunction, and you neglect to resolve it, the energy bills alone will cost more than simple fixes would have cost you initially.

The second types of heaters are individual room-by-room systems. The good news is that if these happen to break, your heating repair costs will be much lower. But the same problems with high energy bills will still apply. If you try to run an individual electric or gas heater without fixing it, your gas or electric bills will quickly add up. Again, the cost of fixing these issues quickly is much less than this added cost over time.

If your system is a more complex HVAC system, then heating repair specialists and HVAC experts will always recommend a tight regimen of maintenance. This is because issues with HVAC systems can usually be quickly resolved if caught early. By performing a scheduled series of tests and checkups, you can quickly spot potential issues and fix them before they become a problem.

However, for a long-term proper functioning system, you should perform regular maintenance of your heat pump which can be provided by the heating contractors in Philadelphia. Therefore, you can either do the maintenance yourself, or with the help of professionals, but it must be done. Maintenance of your heating system is not that complicated and can be done with ease if you have basic knowledge of your brand of furnace. Here are some basic heating maintenance tips which will help you keep the system fit as a fiddle at all times.

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Before performing this heating service, make sure that you turn the mains off and that the main wire is unplugged. This is for you safety while the task is being carried out. First, remove any type of blockage in the form of weeds, papers or leaves from in and around of the outdoor unit. Remove the casing and clean the fins using fin combs or brush making sure that no fin is damaged in the process. Now, check the coil, if dirt and grime are accumulated on it, clean it using the brush. If that doesn’t help, use cleansing agent and clean it and allow it to dry.

To proceed, check the heat exchanger fan for any looseness in the blades or fan bearings, and fix it. Lubricate the fan axle or the motor in order to limit noise. If is however suggested that you should replace the fan blades if they are found bent. Bent fan blades are hard to correct and affects the operation of the heat pump.

In order for a heating contractor to detect defects in the system, a regular furnace troubleshooting checklist will be used. Even smallest of small problems should not be ignored since small problems can accumulate and give rise to much bigger problems.

Maintenance of indoor unit of a heat pump mainly consist of cleaning the air filters through heating service. To do this, you should have to remove the panel of the indoor unit. Make sure you properly unscrew all screws and place them somewhere you will not lose them. Behind the panel, you will come across two filters the first one is of mesh type and the other is a smaller with fine pores. Remove both the filters check for any accumulation of dirt and grime and clean it using an appropriate cleansing agent (diluted vinegar is recommended). Dry them and replace them. Reinstall the panels and your filter cleaning is done.

If your boiler is a modern combination boiler, or “combi”, you may be required to top off the water pressure in the system from time to time. Ask your local plumber to show you how to operate the filling loop valves and read the water pressure gauge. Again, its probably best to take some notes and keep them somewhere handy. This is a great way to save money and limit the visits from your local heating service contractor.

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